If asked, many unemployed people would say that the last people they could look to for help in getting re-employed are the government as they neither care nor are interested. However, although this may be a widely thought belief, in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth as not only are the government interested and concerned but they also actively try and help the unemployed to find work as quickly as possible. Probably the main reason for this mistaken belief is because the office within government which is probably of most use to the unemployed is the OFCCP which is an office which few regular people have heard of any yet is well-known by most companies.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is part of the Department of Labor and as such should and does pay interest in unemployment figures with a vision on helping to keep them low where possible. The OFCCP though has the primary task of ensuring companies that want to apply for government contracts abide by all the government rules especially those pertaining to a nondiscrimination policy when it comes to advertising for new employees and of course in hiring those new employees.

As most companies in the country could gain financially from acquiring a government contract, they comply with the regulations and co-operate with the OFCCP in the hope of capturing one. This means in order to show the OFCCP they do operate a nondiscriminatory policy in their hiring practices, they inform the office of any vacancies they have and then later, report how they filled those vacancies and who they found to fill them. This puts the OFCCP in a unique position of knowledge of most of the job vacancies that arise all around the country, as they arise and where they arise.

As a secondary task, in order to help keep unemployment figures low, the office allows these vacancies to be viewed by anyone who has found themselves unemployed and is looking for a new job. To make it easier for the unemployed people to find a suitable job vacancy in their own area, the office does not just make one long list of all the job opportunities but instead creates different listings for different areas.

Although not their primary task, by producing these listings and making them available for the unemployed to get access to, the OFCCP clearly shows that at least one branch of the government is concerned about the unemployed and cares enough to try and help as many as possible find new, worthwhile and appropriate jobs. The main reason therefore that many people may think the government does not care is because they do not know of the OFCCP or its practice of going out of its way by creating these listings even if it is not their primary task. An added bonus for any unemployed that do use the listings to apply for employment is the fact that they will know that the company they are applying to, does have a non-discrimination policy when hiring.

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